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Snowing Day at Whirlow Brooke Hall eShoot

Its a funny thing, weather.  Especially in the UK.  One day it’s fine and sunny.  You get ready for a photoshoot, and start to take shots, when all of a sudden, it decides to snow on you.  That’s exactly what happened here…


The Stables Doncaster – Contemporary Engagement Shoot

So today’s been quite dull with the weather, but that didn’t stop me having fun with my latest clients, James and Heather. We arrived at the Stables in Doncaster to do a bit of a walk around, prior to the wedding, but also to do the pre-wedding shoot. Whilst doing the shoot, I thought I would ask a few questions on how they met, what their personalities are like (both I no person, and on camera) and how they react to some of the posed shots I did!

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Natural Engagement Portrait in Sheffield


So it’s been really busy here at life thru HQ. For a start, I’ve got to admit; I’ve been neglecting to update you all on how things are going here. Well, thats due to the unprecedented work load I’ve been under recently! It’s been amazing to see all these new clients. The future is looking booked up, IN ADVANCE!

So if you’re thinking of booking your wedding with life thru photography, I suggest you act quick and fast before someone books your day!


So over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been shooting and editing some engagement photos, however, one particular couple I want to talk about are Mike & Gemma.